NOMP requires the 2.0 .NET Framework

NOMP (NZB-O-MATIC PLUS) is a extension from the NZB-O-MATIC project started by Da_Teach and Azaril. If you want to contact them check out the NZB-O-MATIC page for their contact information. So far all I have done is add some small bug fixes and additional features. Straight from the NZB-O-MATIC page here are some of the features:

NZB-O-Matic is an easy to use, free, multi-server usenet download program based on NZB files. It requires the .NET framework v1.1 to run and probably contains a few bugs ;)

Current features :

  • Support multiple servers, it will first try to download from the first server, if the article cant be found it'll try the 2nd, and 3rd, and so on. There is no limit on servers, although each server-connection is a thread looking at that server's download queue, so processor power could come into play when you have a lot of connections.
  • Multi-threaded downloading for multiple connections.
  • Supports yEnc, UUEncode and Base-64 decoding.
  • Imports NZB files that are downloaded from

NOMP is an open-source project. If you would like to help with this project, report bugs or request features you can do so from the NOMP open-source development project page.

Change Log

Version 0.53

  • * Support

Version 0.52

  • * Fixed minor delegate bug with status updates
  • * [Bug #5564] fixed the bug with article shown queued and never downloaded (modify FillQueues to add the articles beeing donloading)
  • * [Bug #4922] Fixed problem with pause or unpause who didn't effect immediately (rebuilding dl queue when pause, unpause or moving an aticle in the queue)
  • * Fixed a bug who let a file open when no space left on disk while writing (verify the space left on disk before opening file)(WMI should be replaced with DriveInfo when migration to .NET 2.0)
  • * Fixed a bug while decoding missformed yenc header (rewrite correctly the spaces in the line)
  • * Fixed connect retry : when connect is OK, the ConnectAttempts must be reseted
  • * fix divide by zero error
  • + [Feature Request #1454] Added support for SSL servers
  • + Modify the directories : the cache directory and the config files are now in %APPDATA%\nomp (until this exist) and the default download directory is in "my documents". It's because we have not always the right to write in the pathtoexe directory (install made bye an administrator)
  • + Modify the totalMB : only the articles to be downloaded (ie not the paused ) are treated in the count, so the remaining time is the real time until the download is ready
  • + Modify the completedMB : only the segments to be downloaded are counted (ie not the paused), so the completed cant be greather than the total
  • + Modify completion (same reasons as above)
  • + Migrate to .NET 2.0

Version 0.50

  • * [Bug #4053] Fixed edit menu add/edit/delete to be disabled when connected
  • * [Bug #4072] Fixed the Disconnect on idle not being set properly
  • + [Request #1105] Added option to delete prune from right click menu
  • + [Request #1149] Added quick options for connect/disconnect

Version 0.49

  • + Add option to pause/unpause selected files
  • + Add option to pause all par files
  • + Add option to decode all files in the queue

Version 0.48

  • * Fixed the file association so it will work when installed in a folder with a space
  • + Added a button to set all incompletes back to queued
  • + Added a feature to reconnect if user was disconnected from being idle and user imports a new nzb file

Version 0.47

  • * Fixed the '%z' so that it supports 'msgidlist_uid' files from newzbin as well
  • + Added a '%y' option that is the same as '%z' but it replaces '_' with ' '

Version 0.46

  • * Fixed the monitor folder option to wait until the file has finished downloading.

Version 0.45

  • + Added the option to monitor a folder for new NZB files. In the preferences window you can select the folder which you want to monitor. Whenever a new nzb file is created in this folder it will automatically be imported into NOMP.

Version 0.44

  • * Fixed bug with importing a nzb file and then having the config files saved in the wrong folder
  • * Fixed bug with opening the window from the tray and having it set the window size to 0x0
  • * Fixed 'disconnect on idle' so that it saves it to the options file
  • + If you import a nzb file while the form is minimized to the tray it won't bring the form to the front
  • + Changed the import NZB functionality to allow importing multiple .nzb files at one time
  • + Added a new download folder option '%z' which can be used for nzb files imported from newzbin (msgid_111111_Blah.nzb will become Blah). If the nzb file doesn't follow the msgid_ format it will just create the folder the same way the '%i' does
  • + Saves the window location now and whether or not the form is maximized
  • + Changed the update check to point to my server instead
  • + Added option to empty the cache
  • + Added an attempt at a fix for when you import/delete entries while downloading and the current download stalls